DC Image Marshall
Texas Distribution Center
2938 Brown Road 
Marshall, TX 75672
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Mississippi Distribution Center
1100 Sycamore Ave.
Greenwood, MS 38930

Customer Service - 800.256.8527

Direct Dial - 800.256.7752

Hardware Distribution Warehouses, Inc. was formed from the merger of three companies in November 1994. The predecessor companies were South States, Inc of Shreveport, LA, Henderson & Baird Company, Greenwood, MS and Higginbotham-Pearlstone Hardware Company, Dallas, TX. South States acquired Henderson & Baird in 1984 and Higginbotham-Pearlstone in 1994 and operated both as wholly owned subsidiaries until merging them on November 1, 1994, into South States. At the same time, South States changed its name to Hardware Distribution Warehouses, Inc., more commonly known as HDW, Inc.

EmployeesThis merger and name change were a result of the parent company being purchased by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The ESOP funded the purchase with loans through local banking institutions. As the loans were repaid, employees earned stock shares as part of an employee benefit plan. 

In November 2016, HDW, Inc. purchased the retail hardware division of World & Main, formerly known as Handy Hardware. This acquisision increased the product offering to over 60,000 SKUs and expanded HDW's business further into Texas and Oklahoma.

In May 2017, HDW completed the purchase of a 670,000 square foot facility in Marshall, TX which was to become the new corporate headquarters for HDW, Inc. The move includes the consolidation of the Houston and Shreveport Distribution Centers into the new expanded Marshall Texas location.

In July 2017, HDW Corporate Offices moved into the new Distribution Center in Marshall, TX. The new Print Shop began producing material and in August 2017 the Receiving Department in Marshall began taking in merchandise.

Today, HDW serves over 2,000 lumberyards, hardware stores and other retail establishments throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. The company maintains 400,000 square feet of distribution space in Marshall, TX and in Greenwood, Mississippi; stocking over 60,000 items for sale. Our customers are served by an outstanding field sales force that typically will see our retailers once each week. Orders are transmitted to the company via handheld computers, fax, email, and online through the HDW Inc. online order entry system. Orders are shipped out daily on our company owned fleet of tractor-trailers to our customers throughout our trade area.

HDW also offers a broad range of retail services to our customers. Demographics, marketing & advertising, retail pricing systems, store merchandising systems, retail layout/store design are only a few of the ways HDW helps its customers Increase Retail Profitability.

Twice a year the company holds a regional trade show. At these trade shows, retailers have the opportunity to see new products and programs from over 350 manufacturers. Retailers can also attend training seminars and hear from industry representatives. These trade shows are when HDW really shows its best by bringing extra special buying opportunities coupled with simple, good ole Southern Hospitality.

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